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In March 2015 Utskarpen farm was bought and the concept "From field to table" was born. The journey towards the grand opening had begun. It turned out to be filled with both ups and downs. But we had made up our minds, and with good help from local contributors, family, Innovation Norway and a working force that had the knowledge we didn't - we finally reached our goal. HURRAY!

For us, this is the start of a life's work.

We never count hours and are eternally grateful that we get to work with what we love. At To Elise From Marius you are most welcome to our home. We will do our utmost to live up to your, customer's and friend's expectations



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For us, real food experiences are about the best ingredients, how they are created, where we can find them and how they are prepared.

From field to table is therefore not just about the grazing animals, but about food from the forest, the sea, the soil and the farm.

Local forces

Our focus is on the use of local contractors, with everything from applications, design, website, craftsmen, architects, interior designers and purchasing furniture.

We strongly believe in the use of local resources and that small communities create great value.

Solveig Sletten Rønning

The chef and the farmer

Both Marius and Elise are traines chefs, and therefore passionate about delivering good products to the customers.

In order for the concept From field to table to work we depend on good knowledge, and who has better knowledge than committed farmers?

Our largest and closest partner is Sletten Gård, which is owned by Elise's sister Solveig and her husband Geir Ove. They continuously work to deliver elite milk and first-class meat.

Together we research how we can produce the best ingredients for our menus.


Elise Bratteng Rønning


For many years I have had a desire to establish myself at the Helgeland coast, and at the same time create a destination where we can show the world our nature, resources and food.

After an apprenticeship as a chef at the Britannia Hotel in Trondheim - and an exciting time as a member of the Norwegian National Chef Team - which ended with gold in the 2008 Olympics, I moved to Switzerland. There I studied hotel management at one of the world's best schools, the Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne.

After graduating, and various stops along the way at (among others) Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri and Bocuse dÓr Norway, there was a sommelier training in Oslo. Then I worked as a project manager at Kulinarisk Akademi with the opening of a new department at Mathallen Oslo, before I stepped into the role as assistant general manager.

Marius Martinsen


Up until the summer of 2014, marius worked as manager at Restaurant Oro in Oslo. He has previously been head chef at Haga restaurant, which had a star in the Michelin guide. He has worked as head chef and closely with Terje Ness for a number of years - at severeal of Oslo's top restaurants.

After this, Marius started working at Kulinarisk Akademi as a food consultant - which was lucky for me, and Helgeland, because Marius wanted to invest. He wanted to create his own restaurant and a unique destination with we here at Utskarpen.

Marius has also been a member of the Norwegian National Chef Team, but chose to dedicate all his time to our project here at Utskarpen.


Our location

You'll find us at Utskarpen Gård, Nesnaveien 1083 at Fv 12.

The farm is located on the lower side of Fv 12, towards the sea. You'll see the barn and the tool shed from the road. Drive down towards the sea about 100 meters before you reach the main building.

Nesnaveien 1083
8725 Utskarpen