Welcome to Utskarpen

We want your stay to be as pleasant as possible, whether you want activities or just complete relaxation. Below you will find a small overview of what you can experience here at Utskarpen.

There is a short way to both fjords and mountains, and many great hiking opportunities are waiting for you.

The library

In the summer it is possible to visit our library in the yard. Here you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine in peace and quiet. The door is open and you are most welcome to enter.

The herb garden

Our herb garden can be found just below the hotel, and is made by our dear neighbours Lisbeth and Karl Olsen. With the herb garden we are self-sufficient in all the plants the kitchen needs through summer and autumn. Before the snow falls, the herbs are preserved for winter and spring.


Down at the beach you will find hammocks that can be used. There are also places where you can hang your own hammock if you wish.


We have two paddleboards reserved for our guests. Just ask the staff for assistance, and they will find it for you. For those of you who like ice swimming, these can also be used in the winter.


As soon as the snow disappears there will be four bicycles parked outside the hotel. You are most welcome to use them. If you need more bikes or all the others are taken, let the staff know and they will check out options for you.


Gapahuken / the beach

The path you see down to the sea is called Solvangstien, and leads you down to the beach. By the beach you will find our gapahuk. There you can barbeque and walk along the beach, or take a bath if the weather allows it. We have extra towels you can borrow. In the gapahuk you will find reindeer skins and equipment to light a fire.

The only wish we have is that you bring garbage with you when you leave. The garbage can be delivered to the staff and they will take care of it.


Do you want to jog or go for a walk while doing something for the environment? You will find clear blue bags in the gapahuk. Go nuts, and deliver plastic and other garbage you have found to the staff.


There are many great hiking opportunities around us, both short and long walks.

We are located midway between Mo i Rana and Nesna, about 30 minutes away from each. Several of the activities below are just a short drive from Utskarpen.


Activities nearby
See our map for hikes close to the hotel.


Kayak rental
Single and double kayaks for rent. At Nesna.


Sea eagle safari
Join an exciting rib safari along the Helgeland coast, starting at Nesna.


Polarsirkelen Golf is a beautiful 9-hole park course at Alteren, about 20 min towards Mo i Rana.


Grønsvik coastal fort
In a spectacular landscape you can take a step into what was a dark chapter in European history.


Map - what to discover around Mo i Rana


Visit Helgeland
Beautiful Helgeland has something for everyone, here you will find an overview of most things.