Our dear producers

In between the fjord and the mountains on Helgeland you will find our food destination. With the concept From field to table as a foundation, we work with both the farmer and nature to create unique dining experiences.

Good food takes time, but is really worth it.
The concept means that the raw materials must have the shortest possible path from their natural origin to us and to you. It is all about good old craftsmanship. All the meat used is bought directly from the farmer, tenderized and cut by hand. The seafood is bought straight from the fisherman - whole, wild and fresh. Our goal is to buy everything directly from our local manufacturers.

In order for Marius' restaurant to provide good food, we depend on good knowledge, and who has better knowledge than committed producers?

Here you will find information about our local manufacturers and their contact information. Maybe you are interested in getting in touch with them?


From field to table

For us, real food experiences are about the best ingredients, how they are created, where we can find them and how they are prepared. From field to table is therefore not just about the grazing animals, but about food from the forest, the sea, the soil and last but not least the farm and the producers.


Sletten Gård


With sustainability as our goal, we make a living from producing perhaps the world's finest milk and meat. Animal welfare and health always come first in our production. This provides raw materials of the highest quality - without compromising our common resource base. The goal is to be a little better tomorrow than we were today. We are incredibly proud to be food producers and cultural carriers in a small northern Norwegian village. For us, wealth is being part of a complete and short-lived value chain that Norwegian agriculture represents.

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Røli Gård


The sheep in Rølia are out in the fields from May to November and harvest what nature gives them. The result is healthy and sustainable sheep and lambs, which we are proud to be able to deliver to our customers. Our motivation is to produce food of the highest quality. We do this with the resources that nature offers in our immediate area. In addition, our animals prevent the overgrowth of important cultural landscapes and ensure species diversity.

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Handnesgarden, where quality, health and respect for soil and animals come first. Workhorses play an important role in the mechanization of the farm. It provides its own closeness to soil and nature, and makes the soil extra fertile. In addition, we accept young people who want to try their hand at agriculture. This philosophy and method of operation is the source of a versatile plant and wildlife. The cultural landscape at Handnes is an expression first and foremost of the activity that the people who live there today express, but here are also traces of past times' cultural influence.

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Jim Lorentzen


In 2016, Jim created a fish reception to test the job as a fisherman. This involved own fishing and sales. One day he was asked to buy scallops from a diving team. It was the beginning of a new era for Jim. It started on a small scale in the spring of 2017 with a lot of trial and error and little sales. As a result, at the end of the year, Jim took over the entire process, from diving to sales. He invested in more functional boats and brought with him a good team and skilled divers.

In 2019, Jim delivered scallops to Queen Sonja when the Royal Ship passed Helgeland. Marius buys lots of fresh scallops every week from Jim. And remember, each shell is hand-picked from the Arctic Ocean.

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Midtstraum gård


We use a 100% vegetable feed without artificial additives, which is reflected in the quality we have of the eggs. Midtstraum Gård pakkeri is a completely new and state-of-the-art egg packing plant where we pack the eggs in our own packaging for different customer groups. We mainly distribute all our eggs directly to the customer, which are grocery stores, hotels, roadside inns and restaurants. Our entire concept is based on a short response time from production to consumer, with as natural a product as possible.

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